Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

parent's doesn't always right. and it's a FACT.

a lot of peoples say that parents want the best for they kids, but many times they're don't get the way and let their child follow they lead to the something that the children know, if that was wrong.

and yeah, my father do that. many times to me. A LOT. and i just feel so annoying and really hate his blow job. i really know he wanna give some good advice, for my better life, but many times he had a WRONG way, WRONG case and WRONG understanding. many times he like know everything about me, but in fact, HE'S NOT.

i'm not too close with my dad, but i try to understand of what he've had trough and let him choose the right way for him. but how could he so selfish to think that HE ALWAYS RIGHT. all in his mind? that's all whats right. HEY, DAD! COULD YOU TURN OFF YOUR "Mr. RIGHT" BRAIN??!!! IT'S PISS ME OFF!!"

i can't understand why he became like that. i hate that. really. terrifically hate it much.

just wondering if i had a dad like adan's have. maybe he will give me a lot of good advice, try to understand and know me deeper. i just can't get it why i dad like him and why my mom could be in marriage with him.

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