Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

Less Than 1 Week

Yes, as you read the tittle of this post, my birthday's coming less than 1 week again! How me so excited and sad to having it. Why? well, it's because i'm realize that i will have the same age as my friends's, i'm getting older and there's a lot of mm what can i say, like, adventure or experimental things i have done. I did A LOT of mistakes, learning from them, try to fix them all back, and smiling deeply from realizing i can make them better.

I just want to close this age bravely, remembering the things that successfully ruin my mind, my soul, my heart.

Well, i hate to look back and remembering what i ever did with my past, i'm done with it. I'll do best with what i have now and go ahead with no distraction. I'm just trying to be focus and do the right things with.

Btw, back to my 1-week-coming-up birthday, i have no party or celebration for it. Well that's because i'm getting used to haven't do something for my birthday, my parents do nothing for my birthday actually. It stops from my 8th birthday. Poor me :p

I was thinking that i wanna do something cool before my day's coming. I really wanna have a photo session on a rooftop. A very high rooftop. But i don't know where i can find it because, the only place i know is in Taman Menteng but it's already close for public because they're find a lot of people doing blow job there, what a mess.

I've been asked this to many people but they don't know the place. Well, i'm a little bit upset for that. I really wanna do it before my day's coming, well, it's still okay if i do it in my day, it won't change the passion anyway.

Lovelife? well, it's great, me and paut doing great this week. I will meet him for saturday and sunday because he will be the photographer for my MVD crew photo session for the poster. I'm so excited for that because i'll meet him for 2 days around, this thing will not come in much time we have :D


Have a lot of things to do preparation of my MVD 2011, i hope it'll be awesome :)

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