Selasa, 16 November 2010

Quality time & Leophard shoes. HAPPY IED MUBARAK!!!

Hey, how is it going, peeps? Well, maybe amma bad-ass blogger who didn't post anything for a long long time. Well, that's because my hectic activity for these twice weeks. Suck it because i couldn't keep my health and now my body is not in fit condition and etc. And what i'm doing for this holiday? DOING NOTHING. Just sleep, eat, watch tv, online, and a lot of unnecessary things.

Talking about holiday, well, HAPPY IED MUBARAK!!! Potong kambing lah ya this year. Very excited, especially with main food after this Ied, goat and cow meat. Yes. GOAT and COW. Lovely.

Webcam-ing never been this fun after did it with him :D

And for the last, just wanna show y'all that my want-to-become-reality leophard shoes was using by Diana Rikasari

Look at her shoes!!! ENVY!!!

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