Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week

Hell-ooooo everybody!!!! Am totally happy now, because i'll watch Jakarta Fashion Week this year and it'll be SO MUCH FUN AND KEWL AND AAAA!!!!

Sorry, i'm just too much re-act about it. But really, so excited to watch 'em! This is the largest fashion event on Asia and i'll watch it on 7 Nov 2010. My bestiest, bocil, help me to get the invitation. But poor me, i just got 3 of 4 show that all my friends will attend. But it's okay, 3 is fine for me. At least i can watch this event F-I-N-A-L-L-Y.

And i remember about my friend, Cita who got the front row on every show in JFW last year, and she could  saw aaall the beautiful shoes there. Okay, envy her.

Actually, i really don't know in what show i'll attend, because Bocil only say to me that i just got 3 of 4 show on that day. But when i saw the schedule, well, there's A LOT. Thanks for making me so confuse, bocil. Just still waiting for the invitation coming out trough my email.

There are 3 designer that i wanted to watch their catwalk runaway fashion show, but i don't know, there's only one my favorite designer in that day, and don't know exactly if i attend to his fashion show.

well, the first one is, Cotton Ink:

The second is, Kanaya Tabitha:

The third is Ghea Panggabean:

And last but NOT least, Oscar Lawalata :)

And in my date, is only Oscar Lawalata who attend. And i really don;t know if i'll got his show or not. better will.

So, just wait for the invitation report, SEE YA!

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