Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

New Comer on My Life

HOLLA!! it's been a long long time, and feels like a century that i din't post ANYTHING on my blog.
Well, just FYI, i've broke up with my ex, Lambang Herbowo, who got me a terrific scar on my heart. But now, i have someone new, someone special, someone doing wonderful to fulfilling my day. 
He's Husen Cahyo Wicaksono :)

He's like one of a kind. I really love him no matter what. Well, seriously, i love him with all of what i have. He's so much more way better than my ex. He makes me feel not only like i'm full a woman, but also like me is the one that he love the most. The one that he wanna be with everytime. The one that can proudly say that i am his girlfriend. 

This is the weakest thing that i ever felt when i'm with my ex. Now it's different. And this is what i really need for a long time. Feeling and treating like the only girl in the world for him.

I've been never imagine if i could be in his side from the first time we met. I never ever dreaming, imagine or making any expactation of it. I have no idea how we can be together now, run this crazy funny thing. But what i really know, we both run this relationship based on how we love, need and comforting each other. 

I love you, paut. From the deepest of my heart. Thanks Allah SWT for introducing me a man like you, and i hope it will last forever.

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