Senin, 21 Februari 2011

The Last Day of My 18th :'(

Today i woke up and realize that this is the last day i will spend for my 18th. What a day, because i start this morning with took a shower for my Jarwo, my motorcycle and fix up my over-messy room from a lot of death stuff and threw them to the garbage.

Me just too affraid to have an expectation and imagine hat will my birthday be on tomorrow. I have no celebration party and my friends kinda not preapring anything for it, accept my boy. They're just soo calm and act like nothing's happen tomorrow. And i'm humbling like,"come on. Is only your 19th birthday, not your sweet seventeen anymore. Don't be stupid to wish them give a surprise on your day"

Well then, i will let my self alone in my room tomorrow :)

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