Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Afternoon Walk

Yesterday, me and lambang went to Megumi's home to gave back her shoes, i used it for my photo shoot's model. And after that, we ride to our fav place for drink some coconut(yeah, we both so in love to drink it there, well we can see a beautiful view at there. Very gorgeous sunset) and we have a great time there, good view and it was such a great moment.

Well, tomorrow is our 33 monthsarry. We're both so happy to meet that day.

Actually, we're always have a fight when we're in several days from our monthsarry. But don't know why we didn't have that this month. Maybe it's because we're not so often to have a face for about couple weeks.

And now, just wanna share some photos from our afternoon walk tomorrow.

these are the view that i'm talking about. Gorgeous, isn't it?
and we...

Lovelyafternoon :)

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