Rabu, 08 September 2010

Iedul Fitri is coming their way!

Is about 2 days left before Iedul Fitri. Argh, i just can't hardly wait to meet them! But what's the matter is I'LL MISS THIS HOLLY MONTH!! i just can wish that i will meet them again next year. This year is soooo dumb-ass. I just like got F for my pray activity, and it's supposed to be A in every year but i kinda miss it :(

And btw, it was almost 3 weeks that i didn't post anything on my blog. Kinda miss them much. but what's wrong? i feel have nothing to share. Yeah, just got my ordinary daily activity, and it's sucks. I just spent all my day with watched my lenovo screen, twittering, looklet-ing and yaa that was sooo weirdo and y'all won't know anything about that. so trashy.

I have no preaparing for Iedul Fitri. You know, everyone's maybe like buying some new clothes, the food, and everything but i just do nothing. Clothes? idk but i'm feel like i ain't need them anyway. Food? that's my mom's stuff. Maybe i help her in some part but mostly she did it alone. That's what i call SUPER MOM.

And honestly, my room is like a BOOYA!! ship now. Very very very messed up. But i just love it, it makes me easier to grab my stuff in a second. they're feel closer to my hand now :D

See? there's a lot of cables running wild everywhere on my desk. Wanna clean it up but i have my lazy bone to pick them up. Umm maybe i should mention what kind of cables that lying on my desk. Well they are my Lenovo's, Nokia's and Casio Exilm's charger cables, my Casio Exilm's USB data cable, my headset and idk it's like some of my MP3's charger cable. Too much things at there. But i love that :D

For this Iedul Fitri, i wanna colour up my hair with burgundy. A little bit weirdo but i kinda like it. Well, maybe it'll not see by everyone because i've cover up my hair, but i just wanna do it. Make some different view of my hair. Kinda boring to see it always black in every year.

See? they all so kewl in burgundy hair.

And btw, i wanna spend all my money for buying Nikon D5000 18-55 mm VR. Idk when i can buy them but i hope it won't be long. I REALLY WANNA DO MY PHOTO SESSION!!!

And wish me goodluck for collecting my bucks for buying that nikon.

Gotta go to see my boyfie. We're gonna go out tonite. See ya :)

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