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this 80's!! and how it use again in 2009-2010

Find below the 80’s fashion Pictures that were popular in that era

80s fashion picture - acid wash jeans
1: Acid Washed Jeans – Acid Washed jeans are visible nowadays being worn by certified fashionistas like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Nicki Hilton, Fergie and Kate Bosworth to name a few. They are basically spotted bleach scattered all over your skinny jeans and were sort of a terrible fashion statement 25 years ago but this look is being embraced by lot of women that put the fashion statement impression away.

80's fashion picture - leggings
2.) Leggings – The 80’s fashion were generally encased by leggings or leg warmers that has came back in many forms. Honestly, I love wearing leggings as they are comfortable with a touch of edge if being matched with tunic or long sweaters. As you can see, famous Hollywood stars love to flaunt their leggings and wear them to most events, from red carpet to the city streets.

80s fashion picture - shoulder pads 3.) Should Pads – The appearance of big shoulder was very common in the 80’s fashion which give you a stronger look showing that women are equal to men in the workplace. And Posh come up with this style by bringing back the 80’s fashion with her stylish shoulder padded Balmain leather jacket. Victoria Beckham along with her equally fashionable hubby David Beckham has always come up well dressed in the spotlight.

80's fashion picture - neon colors
4.) Neon Colors – Anything that were bold in colors was the element in the 80’s fashion, remember the Reebook or Converse shoes which was popular in the 80’s and you have to thread them with neon laces plus neon socks.
80s fashion picture - spandex
5.) Spandex- We can see many celebrities parading in the spotlight with their skinny liquid spandex and therefore became a fashion statement that many woman young and old alike are trying to imitate this 80’s fashion.

80s fashion picture - Madonna
6.) Jewelry- Madonna was considered as the fashion icon on the 80’s and lot of teen girls imitated her style. Chunky Gothic type jewelry, bracelets, necklaces were so popular in 80’s fashion as well as mini skirts which are still in the fashion landscape today. Generally, women wear gold and hoop earrings, charm bracelets particularly ones with gold charms. 

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