Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Inspiration: Sid & Nancy

Punk's anti-fashion with ripped tees, patched jeans, leather jackets, studs and Dr. Martens has had a standing point amongst youth some 40 years now. Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols and Nancy Spungen, a fan turned girlfriend are celebrated icons of punk's baby years.
The reality of the couple has been debated time and time again. Was Nancy the muse of Sid Vicious, a Very Important Person in the creation of legendary Sex Pistols or was she a decieving fame-craving groupie? A premature death and Sid & Nancy remains a puzzling questionmark in rock history. At the forefront of the New Rock, in their early twenties in London, Sex Pistols were the adored band of the contemporary mode and the rise of youth culture. In leather jackets, studded and scribbled, hair unwashed in a mix of leopard print and political patches she'd wear his oversized blazers, him in her too-short T-shirts. Nancy's peroxide locks, his unwashed spikes, her kohled eyes peering through long bangs, the looks is inspiring in its organizes disorder. As far as matchy-match with your partner goes, Sid & Nancy remains the creators of statement wear we still turn to in times of disorder.

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